Michael Bertaut

Michael Bertaut Blue Cross Blue Shield

Michael Bertaut is a certified health consultant and professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management. He has 25 years of analytical experience in the healthcare, telecom and retail industry sectors. Since April of 2009, Bertaut has engaged in over 700 public discussions on healthcare costs and the impact of reform with stakeholder groups ranging from healthcare policy makers in Washington D.C., to local public service clubs.

He is a Fellow of the Academy of Applied Politics at LSU and author of the White Paper, “Five Questions Every Business Must Answer Accurately, Monthly, Forever,” which discusses in easy-to-understand language the steps a business must take to be compliant with the Affordable Care Act. Bertaut is also the creator of “Bertaut’s Law,” which gives powerful insight into cost estimation in the healthcare industry.

Bertaut is recognized as a national commentator on healthcare reform, quoted in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and local publications as well.

He is a financial modeler and forecaster, currently responsible for predicting membership activity for the 1.6 million Louisianans who carry a Blue Cross Card.

Bertaut earned his M.B.A. and B.A. from Louisiana State University and just celebrated his 30th year as a cancer survivor. He’s been married to the very patient Marla for 29 years, and they have three children.

Bertaut is currently employed as Healthcare Economist and Exchange Coordinator for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

Panel: The Opioid Crisis – Louisiana Innovators Respond

  • 12 November 2018
  • NOBIC - Main Conference Room
  • 2:30 pm - 3:20 pm
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