The 2018 BioChallenge Pitch Competition

The Center supports Louisiana life sciences entrepreneurs through the BioChallenge, an annual competition that has awarded startups over $175,000 in prizes since 2012. 
As part of the Center’s Innovation Louisiana 2018 series of special events in November, four finalists will pitch for cash and investment prizes in the BioChallenge final event on November 14 in downtown New Orleans.


2018 Finalists


Over 60 million Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion. Gremillion Technologies is decreasing patients’ daily treatment burden and increasing quality of life with SimplyBreathe, a small intranasal implant designed to slowly release medicine over 4 months to keep the symptoms of allergic rhinitis at bay.

Levisonics has developed a point-of-care blood coagulation testing machine using a novel, non-contact technology platform called Acoustic Tweezing Thromboelastometry (ATT). This technology could improve diagnostic response time for critical care providers by up to 350% and decrease the cost of blood coagulation analysis by over 30%, allowing patients in the United States to save $2.0 billion annually. Since ATT only uses a single drop of blood (1/100th the volume required by current technologies), Levisonics’ first target customers are neonatal and pediatric hospitals, where there is an opportunity for development of newborn screening tests for coagulation abnormalities.

OncoThera has developed a new treatment for Glioblastoma that can provide significantly better outcomes for patients who suffer from this deadly disease. With more than 22,000 diagnoses each year and a 5-year survival rate ranging from 5% to 19% depending on age, patients and physicians are looking for better treatment solutions. OncoThera’s patented treatment will soon be ready to enter human clinical trials and begin helping people with Glioblastoma.

Prep Tech, LLC is developing a medical device product line that facilitates a novel process for preoperative skin preparation outside the OR. The patented devices, called ULTRAPREP™, disrupts the use of traditional paint-on applicators by enabling body regions to soak in a pool of antiseptics and completely saturate the surgical skin site within a sealed container. This process provides more thorough skin coverage, increases OR efficiencies and throughput, reduces nurse fatigue, and decreases overall medical facility costs. ULTRAPREP™ can also be used for postoperative wound care, home health procedures, military and first-responder triage, and commercial first-aid.




Grand Prize: $25,000 cash

BioFund Investment Prize: $25,000

Audience Favorite Award: $2,500 cash



Application Instructions

Applications for the 2018 BioChallenge have closed. Applications for next year’s event will be announced in the summer of 2019.


Final Pitch Event

Wednesday, November 14 
The Joy Theater
11:00am – 1:00pm
1200 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70112



2018 Judges